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5 Questions That Can Change Your Life!

All of us need to be inspired. Sometimes we receive inspiration from a great book, a provocative film or an exceptional speech. At times inspiration comes from an encouraging word from a friend. In my experience however, the best way to stay inspired is to ask five questions, the first of which is this: What Does My Heart Long To Do?     Read Article

"What Are You Missing?"

I want to tell you an amazing story. On January 12, 2007, the Washington Post newspaper conducted an experiment. The editors asked Joshua Bell, one of the greatest violinist in the world, to stand on a street corner in the heart of Washington, DC and play some of the greatest classical music that has ever been composed. How many people would stop and hear the beauty of the music? How many would realize that they were in the presence of greatness?     Read Article

A Message From My Heart To Teachers

I happen to think that teaching is the best gig in the world! But I know it can be discouraging: Difficult students, bureaucratic rules, large classes can take the joy out of a good job. What can you do - in spite of all the challenges - to make this academic year the best one of your life? Here are four suggestions:     Read Article

A Message For Executives

This is a tough time for Executives. According to a recent study, Chief Executive Officers have five fiscal quarters to prove themselves. They have eight months to develop a strategic vision, nineteen months to increase share price and twenty-one months to turn a company around. That's a lot of pressure. It's hardly a wonder that the proportion of senior executives answering "no" to the question: "Would you want to be a CEO today?" doubled in just one year from 26% to 54%. What can you do to make sure that you are up to the challenge?     Read Article

How To Avoid A Mental Recession

Economic recessions generally resemble three letters in the alphabet. First, there is the letter "V". This recession is relatively easy to survive. The "V" recession sneaks up on you and goes deep. Fortunately, there is a quick recovery.     Read Article

My Final Lecture: How To Thrive In Your Career

"We have had a lot of fun this semester and I hope you learned much. Now comes my last lecture and a little heartfelt advice. To be honest, it's pretty much the same lecture I have given every spring to students graduating from this wonderful University. I hope it is helpful. Oh yes: You don't have to take any notes! Just sit back, relax and let the words sink in.     Read Article

Stress Can Be Managed: Lessons For Leaders

It's no secret that stress in the workplace has increased. Smaller profit margins, increased competition, more government regulation has created a complex and challenging work environment. What can you do to diminish stress?     Read Article

Retirees - Now Is The Time To Enjoy Living!

In the heat of the day the great Italian artist Michelangelo could be seen laboring over a huge rock, hoping to create a magnificent sculpture. A skeptical neighbor asked: "Why old man, do you work so hard on an old piece of rock?" Michelangelo's reply: "There is an angel in this stone wanting to come out."     Read Article


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