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This professional association was tired of "motivational speakers" and wanted more depth and "expert advice".

Problem: A large professional association had a series of "motivational speakers". Post-conference evaluations indicated that members wanted "more substance" from speakers with "expert credentials".

Solution: Dr. Veninga interviewed association members and defined strategic objectives which were enthusiastically approved by the planning committee. The presentation took aim at the fears and hopes of the audience and provided them with innovative tools by which to address major challenges. The result? The planning committee received mega-kudos for planning an outstanding event!

This service organization wanted a speaker who could lift the spirits of business leaders concerned about the economic recession.

Problem: At the height of the 2008 economic turmoil, Dr. Veninga was contacted by a Rotary Club in a mid-western city. The planning committee indicated that they wanted an uplifting seminar because there was so much discouragement in the business community.

Solution: Dr. Veninga's speech was short on academic theory and was long on examples of creative ways of motivating the sales force in difficult economic times. Result? "Best meeting we have had in a long time" said one participant. Title of the presentation? How To Avoid A Mental Recession!

This church association wanted to attract a large audience.

Problem: A group of churches wanted Dr. Veninga to speak on his book The Gift of Hope: How We Survive Our Tragedies. The problem was that former guest speakers could only generate small audience.

Solution: Dr. Veninga worked with a planning group to market a Special Evening for Friends of the Churches. It turned out to be a community gathering rather than a church meeting. Neighbors, parents of school-age children, community leaders turned out in force. A reception in the church narthex after the presentation provided an opportunity for people to meet one another. "A resounding success" said the planning committee.

This financial service firm wanted to find a creative way to say "thanks" to their clients.

Problem: This financial service firm was having difficulty obtaining business from retired individuals. Previous client appreciation events were sparsely attended because clients thought they would receive little more than a sales pitch.

Solution: The financial service firm contacted Dr. Veninga who helped them market an "Evening of celebration for the best clients in the world"! Hundreds came to a luxurious country club as Dr. Veninga delivered an uplifting, humorous presentation on how to make retirement the best years of your life! Financial advisers were ecstatic at the results of this meeting. Dr. Veninga has been invited back three times to make similar presentations to this group.

This non-profit organization wanted a "name speaker" but
could not afford the honorarium.

Problem: A non-profit organization whose mission was to help children with special needs wanted a reputable speaker for their annual conference. They struck out every time because they could not afford the speaking fee.

Solution: This organization contacted Dr. Veninga whose career at the University of Minnesota is devoted to teaching nurses, physicians and public health workers. They knew from references that Dr. Veninga had a special place in his heart for children. They contacted him and he donated his speaking fee to the organization to which he was speaking.

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