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The Work Stress Connection: How To Cope With Job Burnout

(with James P. Spradley)

Everyone has an occasional bad day on the job. But when that day turns into weeks, even months of dissatisfaction and frustration with work, the problem becomes more than a temporary annoyance. Sleeplessness, acid stomach, headaches, irritability, and listlessness may point to a common culprit - the job. The upbeat message of this book is that you can control your job, rather than allowing it to control you. If you ever have found yourself caught in a job that is diminishing your spirit, The Work/Stress Connection will provide practical and compassionate advice on how to reclaim your spirit - and your zest for life.

"The authors' discussion is complete and wide-reaching. The reference list in particular is fine, suggesting a work which is thorough and well researched."

Dr. Hans Selye author of:
The Stress of Life

The Human Side of Health Administration: A Guide for Hospital, Nursing and Public Health Administrators

This book was written for individuals working in health care systems - whether it be hospitals, public health agencies or other human-service organizations. The purpose is to provide practical strategies through which health care organizations can be led more skillfully. Among the issues addressed: How do you manage disruptive conflict? How do you select, motivate and evaluate personnel? How do you develop productive committees? And how do you keep yourself sane in a era of mergers, down-sizing and rapid change? If you are looking for a resource that will help you become a better health-care leader, consider The Human Side of Health Administration.

"The material is the best I have ever reviewed."

"Robert L. Veninga's presentation is the outstanding feature of the book.The discussion is at all times clear, concise and to the point."


A Gift of Hope: How We Survive Our Tragedies

Why do some people survive a crisis while others give up hope? How do you find meaning in your life when all that matters is gone? A Gift of Hope goes to the spiritual and emotional core of heartbreak as it attempts to answer these crucial questions. Through the stories of ordinary people who have experienced the darkest times a human can know - the loss of a loved one, a debilitating illness, a handicapped child, the loss of a job - readers will discover innovative, creative ways to survive difficult times. This is Dr. Veninga's most popular book.

"I will be giving A Gift of Hope to many people I know. It is a clear and compassionate work."

Harold S. Kushner author of:
When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Your Renaissance Years: Making Retirement The Best Years Of Your Life

It used to be that retirement was a period in which you slowed down, napped in a hammock, and disengaged from life. No longer! Today millions of retirees will tell you that the best time of life started the moment they left the nine-to-five world behind. Financial planning represents one important aspect of this book. But readers will discover the joy of volunteer work and the excitement that comes from finding new hobbies and avocations. They will discover how to meet new friends and deepen relationships with those they love. They will learn whether to sell their house and move into a retirement community - or perhaps decide the best place to live is in their present home. Why read this book? It might make the difference between an ordinary retirement and one that fulfills your greatest expectations.

"This well-written and very informative book will help readers prepare for their retirement financially, physically and emotionally. Dr. Veninga skillfully breaks through many of the myths, fears and psychological barriers that so often make us put of planning for this stage of our lives. I strongly recommend it."

Lawrence Kutner, Ph.D. Co-Director
Center for Mental Health and Media, Department of Psychiatry
Massachusetts General Hospital

"I can never thank you enough for your excellent presentation. It may have saved my professional life."

Conference on Nursing Administration
Iowa Association of Nurse Executives

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